Services Love & Leadership Parenting Coach Katherine Saltzberg


Speaking: PTAs, Parent Groups, Schools, Churches, Synagogues, Seminars

Coaching: Couples, Single-Parent, In-Person, Long Distance, Telephone, Skype

For Parents who:

  • are stressed from raising children
  • want to raise well-behaved children
  • have marital problems as a direct result of child-rearing
  • are afraid their children are or will get involved with drugs
  • have a newborn, toddler, adolescent, or teen
  • have mealtime and/or bedtime wars with their children
  • have children who:
  • are diagnosed with behavioral disorders like ADD, ADHD, or ODD
  • are ill-behaved, argumentative or talk back
  • are aggressive, hit, or throw objects
  • need potty training or wet their bed
  • have temper tantrums
  • refuse to obey
  • misbehave in school
  • have sibling rivalries


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