About Katherine Love & Leadership Parenting Coach Katherine Saltzberg

About Katherine

Katherine Saltzberg is the first and only certified John Rosemond Leadership Parenting Coach in the Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, San Fernando Valley, and Malibu areas. However, Katherine works with clients across the country.

From personal adversity with her own children, Katherine began her journey when she first read a book by John Rosemond, America’s most widely-read parenting expert. Katherine felt so blessed by the immediate transformation of her own child, marriage, and life, all stemming from John Rosemond’s teachings, that she felt compelled to
dedicate her life to imparting this message to others.

As Katherine says, “There is no greater gift than overcoming your own struggles,
and then being in a position to help someone else.”

Katherine personally trained with John and today considers him a mentor.

Katherine has almost twenty years of experience with addiction recovery and twelve step programs.

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