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Life Before and After John Rosemond

Before John Rosemond, my four-year old son ran the house.

I never fully understood it, and being so close to the fire I could not even see it, but we were at the mercy of my son’s moods and desires. If our son didn’t want to sit in a restaurant,
I was outside playing with him in the parking lot until my husband finished his meal. I couldn’t speak on the phone even briefly because he would scream or constantly interrupt me.
The only way I could have a conversation or get work done in the office was to put him in front of the TV. And I felt guilty about that because the half hour Max and Ruby then turned
into a Dora the Explorer marathon.

Meals were endless struggles about what to make that he would eat. I became a short order cook. Getting him to leave a park took cajoling and threats. Our nights were sleepless, and when he woke up in the morning, no matter how early, the day began. Getting him dressed took an hour. Read more

John Rosemond vs. Thomas Gordon and Dorothy Briggs’ Parenting Philosophies

John Rosemond, Thomas Gordon, and Dorothy Briggs are all parenting experts. To fully understand Rosemond’s parenting philosophy, you’d best channel your Great Grandmother, open the Good Book, and “Keep it Simple, Stupid” (KISS).

John Rosemond’s parent philosophy is about loving and leading children to do good. Gordon and Brigg’s parenting philsophy is about facilitating children to feel good.

Katherine Saltzberg

To best understand Gordon and Briggs, you’ll need to channel Freud, open Toward Soviet America, andlet your kids choose their favorite sugary cereal, hoping the prize inside is a Decoder Ring. Read more

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